The Circle Unbroken: A Dance Ritual to Bring Your Full Moon Intentions to Life

If you’re planning to harness the energy of this rare Super Blue Blood Moon, do it right.

Chant your intentions. Brew your teas. Gather every last crystal. Burn sage until you can’t see.

Do all that you do, until you’re satisfied.

And then add one more thing.

Because if you really want to take your practice, your vision, your LIFE to the next level…

If you really want to remove the blockages to your growth….

If you really want to birth new energetic patterns for yourself…

If you really want to wrap your spiritual lasso around this Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and ride that lion all the way to your bejeweled throne…

You need to DANCE.

Why You Should Dance Your Heart Out This Full Moon


Put your Black Girl Magic into motion! Credit,

I know, I know. The image of women gyrating and undulating in a circle underneath the full moon is a little… cliché. Hollywood has appropriated the visual for decades, and now it seems almost corny. But think about it; there is a reason why this stereotype exists. There is a reason people DANCE when they “catch the holy ghost” in church. There is a reason practitioners of almost every offshoot of IFA DANCE when mounted by the orishas/lwas/“gods”/principals of nature during ritual. There is a reason that DANCE was important enough to be depicted on the walls of tombs in ancient Kemet.

If you’ve been living this spiritual/holistic/witchy life for a while (or even if you haven’t), you’re probably familiar with the principal “as above, so below; as within, so without.” It’s the reason many of us choose to use physical tools to do our inner work. We know that it’s the energy of our intentions that is most important, and yet, using certain tangible symbols to help us focus that energy can enhance and expedite our prayers.

What greater, more accessible, more everpresent tool do we have than our own bodies?

Using dance as a sacred ritual can open up new doors in your spiritual work. Moving your body creates movement in the spirit, and movement in the spirit creates movement in your life!

The Circle Unbroken: A Simple But Effective Sacred Ritual Dance

When you use dance as a sacred ritual, as always, your intentions and connection to yourself are most important. With that said, if you’re looking for some guidance as you begin this practice, try this technique. It evolved out of my own sacred ritual dance practice, and I’ve taken to calling it “The Circle Unbroken” as a way to pay homage to how my ancestors/people tend to dance in community. The following is a basic outline of the practice that I’ve been using for years. (Note, this practice is certainly not limited to the time of the full moon. I’ve just found that I tend to naturally utilize it in conjunction with my moon rituals.)

1. Clear your space.

This means physically as well as energetically. Burn a little palo santo, sweep, or do whatever you normally do to cleanse and balance the energy of the room you’ll use for your dance ritual. Also, make sure you straighten up and remove any objects from your general dance area. When you’re lost in the high of the ritual, being yanked back to the ground because you stubbed your toe on a book or stepped on a crystal is not what you want. (Guess how I know, lol.)

2. Mark your circle.

You can do this in several different ways. If you’re very visual, you may want to use tape to create the rough outline of the circle you’ll dance within. If you’ll be outside, you can also use chalk. Salt is another great option; it also brings a protective energy to the space. My absolute favorite method, however, is to simply pace the circle several times, until it’s boundaries are ingrained in me… it’s almost like wearing an energetic groove in the space. If you choose to pace, you may want to set a certain number of times to walk the boundary based on the intentions of your ritual, you might choose a certain song and walk until it’s done, or you may want to just do it until it feels complete. All have worked for me, and whatever you choose will work for you. (If you do choose to use a song, here is one of my personal favorites:

3. Invite your ancestors.

After the dancing itself, this is the most important part for me. When you welcome your enlightened ancestors to dance with you, you invite them into your work and life in a more intimate way. You also are able to receive their power to help you move forward with whatever intentions you set. Which brings us to the next step…

4. Set your intentions.

Do this as you normally would. I find stating mine out loud as well as writing them down works best. (Note: If you choose to mark your circle by pacing, you can combine steps two, three, and four if you wish. I do this often, and find that joining the three helps me to focus even deeper.)

5. Dance for your life.

This is no time to be shy. Pick music you love to move your body to, and (after warming up for a song or two) GO IN! Breathe hard! Sweat! Stomp! Twerk! Cry! Whatever you need to do, sis, DO IT! Remember, your ancestors are there in the space with you, dancing alongside you and cheering you on. Every presence in that space has nothing but love for you, so shed your inhibitions and go for what you know! Try to hold a vision of your intentions in your mind as you dance, and push beyond the points of tiredness, awkwardness, and self-awareness that we all encounter. No need to be coy (unless that’s what the energy calls for) – do what you came to do!

6. Seal the ritual.

End with a couple of cool-down songs, prayers of gratitude to the ancestors and whatever other energies you invited into (or felt in) the space, and make another verbal commitment to your intention. To take it even further, after that I usually light some incense (to carry my prayers… and also cuz it’s crazy funky by the time I’m done), hydrate with copious amounts of water (please don’t forget this), and head off for a ritual shower or bath. Then, I usually slather my skin in the butter of choice and prepare for bed… and marinate in that energy all night.


Burn some incense after your sacred ritual dance to help carry your intentions out into the ethers… and disperse the funk. Credit

Learn More About Sacred Ritual Dance: Connect With The Body Temple

That’s the gist of it, loves. I encourage you to try dancing The Circle Unbroken soon, and if you have questions or comments, please share them here or on The Body Temple Facebook Page.

If you’re interested in more Sacred Ritual Dance techniques, check out the website and make sure to subscribe to Black/Woman&Well. (The first Sacred Ritual Dance online course is coming soon, and subscribers will receive first access and exclusive discounts!)

And don’t forget: the first #DanceEveryDay 21-Day Intentional Renewal Challenge is starting on February 15! Are you down?

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