Flexible Body, Flexible Mind: Stretching for Personal Evolution

Sacred Ritual Dance is a dynamic holistic therapy for mind, body, and soul.

It literally moves you, moves through you, moves with you, and will move you through… just about anything.

I know I must sound like a broken record sometimes, but seriously, if you engage the sacred healing elements of dance, it will change your life. It certainly changed mine.

That’s why sometimes, I get so excited talking about it, that I forget to break it down. But not today. Today we start at the beginning – the importance of the stretch.

All dancers know that stretching is a part of dancing. (Think of every dance movie you’ve ever seen. What’s happening when the main character first walks into the studio? That’s right – everybody else is in there stretching.)

Misty Copeland stretches. You should too. giphy.com

The fact is, jumping right into any kind of physical activity without warming and loosening up the muscles is a risk. (This is especially true if you don’t move your body on a regular basis. So, as you venture into dance for personal healing, be kind to yourself – stretch first.)

However, the potential for injury isn’t the only reason you should stretch before starting your Sacred Ritual Dance sessions. As always, “as above, so below,” and vice versa. There’s also strong evidence that an increase in flexibility of the body leads to higher levels of mental and emotional adaptability.

Just look at yoga. At it’s original Kemetic and Indian roots, it wasn’t about shredding your abs or downward-dogging at a petting zoo. It was about transcendence, transformation, and enlightenment – opening up the mind enough to embrace the reality of oneness.

Createherstock Affirmations Summit Isha Gaines 2

Isha Gaines, CreateHerStock.com

Having a flexible mind is CRUCIAL to Sacred Ritual Dance.


Sacred Ritual Dance is a practice based around intention. The physical benefits of the dance occur regardless, but the true beauty of it comes when you begin to use it to manifest the life you desire.

But here’s the thing: as you dance, you will release. You will heal. You will change. And when you change, you might find that the desires you started with become completely irrelevant.

This is where a stubborn (read: inflexible) mind will trip you up.

A mind that hasn’t been properly stretched won’t be able to see outside the limits of what it first conceived. It will hold on to things that no longer serve you, resist revelation, and hinder your progress. Then it will wonder “Why isn’t anything changing?” (Umm, because you were so caught up in what you thought you wanted that you wouldn’t let The Universe give you what you need. *Kanye shrug*)


#KanyeShrug giphy.com

In almost any practice, this is where most people toss in the towel and exit stage left. They think the system isn’t working, when it fact it was their own mind that dug in its heels and hindered their progress. (Ask me how I know.)

Don’t be that woman. Be flexible. Be open. Stretch your body to stretch your mind, and ready yourself for new realities in your life.

You can take this part of your practice deeper relatively easily. As you stretch in preparation for your Sacred Ritual Dance session, go within. Focus on your breath and calm your mind. You can even try placing one or two fingers on your 3rd eye chakra. This will bring a slight, but immediate decrease to conscious mental activity, and balance it by increasing intuitive activity.

Once your mind, and your hips, are open, dance your heart out and get ready to receive. ❤




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