Spring Cleaning: Clearing Body, Mind, and Soul to Make Room for Abundance!

Spring is almost here!

As we transition from the stagnancy, hibernation, and internal reflection that often accompanies Winter into the renewed, vibrant, fruitful feeling of Spring, many of us will be feeling the urge to purge the old and bring in the new. Spring is a season of abundance – and now is the time to make room for all that it wants to bring!

It’s about more than clearing out your closets, though. To get the best benefits of this energetic shift, engage spirit-infused practices that will help cleanse you on every level – body, mind, and soul. Here are a few things to try putting into place as you prepare for the coming Spring Equinox.

Body, Mind & Soul Cleansing to Prepare You for an Abundant Spring


Practice: Sacred Ritual Dance

alex-holyoake-466269Sacred Ritual Dance is a dynamic healing modality for the body, mind, and soul. With that said, the way that it affects your body can be particularly important during the Spring season. Moving your body can help you eliminate toxins, aid in digestion, and even shake off a few Winter pounds (if that’s your goal). Add in your purposeful and well-set intentions, and a Sacred Ritual Dance practice will get you more than ready to use the fresh, sensual vibe of Spring to your benefit.

Learn more about Sacred Ritual Dance on The Body Temple’s website, and like on Facebook for tips and helpful info!


Practice: Spiritual House Cleaning

arnel-hasanovic-375269-unsplashThis is classic Spring cleaning with a twist! When you infuse your house cleaning with intention and connect it to ancestral wisdom, you get a practice that not only addresses the cleanliness of your house, but the energy it holds. You’ve probably heard that a cluttered house is reflective of a cluttered mind. Well, once you cleanse the physical AND energetic space in your home, you’ll notice that the influence flows in both directions.

Holistic practitioner Lisa Marie Goodson is well versed in these practices. Check her out on YouTube on her Afrocentric Home Décor and Black Berry Beauty Academy channels for lots of great videos on this subject and more!


Practice: Clearing Energy Blockages with Reiki

bryan-fernandez-535110Engaging in some sort of energy clearing practice is absolutely vital when you want to invite something new into your life. If you don’t, you run the risk of doing a lot of work on the physical and mental levels, only to have it overturned by a soul still cluttered with yesterday’s energetic patterns.

Reiki is another great practice that addresses issues of all three aspects of the self. It directly affects the energetic body, which in turn shifts the physical and mental dimensions as well. This healing work utilizes universal life force energy to clean, shift, and heal the soul of an individual. It can be done hands-on or at a distance. While many people experience immediate benefits after just one session, regular sessions with a trusted practitioner can be life changing.

You can also learn Reiki for yourself. You need to be attuned (initiated) to the energy in order to channel it at maximum capacity. The technique itself is simple, and the results are profound. Once you are attuned, you can use your new skills to heal yourself, and to assist family members, friends, and others with their healing.

RR Thinkific pre-sale bannerInterested in being able to heal yourself and your community with Reiki? Check out Reiki for Reparation – a 3-week intensive designed specifically to bring this wellness modality to the Black community. The next session starts Tuesday, April 3. Class size is limited, so check it out and reserve your spot ASAP if you want to get in.


Use these practices to help clear your body, mind, and soul in preparation for warmer days, active energy, and all the inflow of everything you’ve been asking for. Once you’ve flushed out anything that is no longer serving you, get into that fluid space and prepare to receive!

Have you tried any of these spirit-infused practices to enrich the abundant energy of Spring? If so, what were the effects? Do you have other rituals that you use? What are they? Comment below, or keep the conversation going on our Facebook page!

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