Bodywork and Energy Healing

Bodywork is not a luxury. It is a direct, effective, and often remarkably pleasurable way to care for yourself. Based on both the latest scientific research and timeless truths, bodywork and energy work (or energetic bodywork) can provide deep relaxation and healing.

As a former Licensed Massage Therapist and a current Reiki Master, Chakra Balancing Specialist, and bodywork advocate, I believe that the best way to incorporate these healing modalities into your self care routine is to form a long-standing relationship with a trusted professional. Having someone who can assist you with this part of your wellness journey is absolutely ideal. In addition to providing you with a valuable read of your physical and energetic health and an impetus for accountability, regular sessions with a professional will allow you to relax and receive maximum benefits.

You can expect high-quality, intentional energetic bodywork when you schedule a distance session with me through The Body Temple. As a practitioner who practices on herself first, I am dedicated to becoming a better teacher, advocate, and vessel for the healing of others. During each appointment, I use the experience I’ve accumulated over 9 years in the alternative wellness field to customize the work to your specific needs. There are no blanket prescriptions or hard-and-fast protocols here. After taking time to set the space, it’s just your soul and mine, connecting across the ethers, calling in your highest good.

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However, circumstances aren’t always ideal. The good news is that even if you aren’t able to schedule professional sessions regularly, you can STILL receive some of the most important benefits of body and energy work. Learn how to conduct a session for yourself with The Body Temple’s Healing at Home courses!

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Photo by Chris Rhoads on Unsplash