Chakra Balancing with The Body Temple

What is Chakra Balancing?

Similar to Reiki, Chakra Balancing uses universal energy to improve the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. However, while a Reiki session is performed on the premise that the energy will naturally flow wherever it is most needed, Chakra Balancing provides a way of honing in on specific aspects of a client, one at a time. These aspects, or energetic centers, are called chakras in Sanskrit (a sacred language of ancient India).

There are seven commonly known chakras, ascending from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head. Each one is linked to different physical, spiritual, and mental parts of an individual. When issues in any one of these areas arise, addressing the imbalance in the corresponding chakra can help you heal and move beyond what’s afflicting you.

Having your chakras assessed and balanced has numerous benefits for body, mind, and spirit. Among them:

  • increased sense of safety
  • feeling more grounded
  • greater ability to release anger and fear appropriately
  • activation of your innate creativity
  • improved connection with your sensual nature
  • balanced libido and better sexual experiences
  • increased willpower
  • better sense of self/identity
  • experiencing better self-discipline
  • increased feelings of peace and harmony
  • less stress and anxiety
  • increased communication skills
  • less worry
  • more accurate intuition
  • increased connection with/sense of the divine (and divine self)

Schedule a Chakra Balancing Session with Carmen

Like Reiki, Chakra Balancing employs universal energy that transcends space and time. This means that you can experience the benefits of this healing modality from anywhere! Schedule a distance Chakra Balancing session or distance Chakra Balancing package to feel the lasting effects of this ancient wellness technique from your home, office, or other space of your choice.

Initial Chakra Balancing Session – $75 – BUY NOW

General Chakra Balancing Session – $150 – BUY NOW

In-depth Chakra Balancing Session (1 Chakra) – $80 – BUY NOW

In-depth Chakra Balancing Session(s) (2 Chakras) – $150 – BUY NOW

In-depth Chakra Balancing Session(s) (3 Chakras) – $210 – BUY NOW

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