Conscious Bleeding and Womb/Space Love

If you are a woman with a womb, bleeding is your birthright.





There is nothing unclean, unhealthy, or unholy about it.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. Your Blood Rites, Moon Time, Sacred Cycle, or whatever you like to call it (personally, I think “period” is a little basic, but to each her own) is a cleansing and healing process on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It’s also one of the best times to commune with your ancestors, engage your intuition, and access the divinity within. Just as bleeding is your birthright, conscious bleeding can be a powerful form of ritual.

And keep in mind that even if you don’t bleed or possess a womb, you still have a wombspace. Increasing your connection to the energetic center of healing and creativity can be life changing regardless of your biology.

In this section of The Body Temple, I’ll share perspectives and practices to help you shift and enhance your relationship with your Blood Rites and womb/wombspace. I look forward to sharing in this deep wisdom with you!


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Header Photo by Paul Morris on Unsplash