The Vision. The Practice. The Work.

The Body Temple is an online community where women and femmes circle to rediscover the sacredness of themselves. We acknowledge the interconnected nature of the mind-body-spirit triad, and regard the body as an honored gateway. We journey toward optimum holistic wellness through Sacred Ritual Dance, energetic healing techniques, body-centered meditations, and other practices for embodied living.

The Vision

A healer in every household.

The Body Temple is committed to envisioning a world where Black DAEUS people are healthy, whole, and self-determining – individually and united. Our wellness, ability to heal ourselves, and active creation of a culture that values wholeness is true generational wealth. Moreover, they are foundational aspects and primary indicators of our freedom.

In order to create such a culture, we must become a tribe of healers. The word “healer” is best defined as “one who is healing her/himself.” It also applies to those who assist others in their healing, thereby helping to heal the group as a whole. We take a grassroots approach to cultivating a tradition of wellness, and prioritize healingways that are natural, ancestral, and true to who we want to be.

The Practice

Holistic wholeness that honors our ancestors, the Earth and our sovereign inner knowing.

This journey, primarily, is a practice. Each individual can help to heal our past, our future, our people, and the planet by healing herself first.

The Body Temple is a virtual circle where healers can learn, expand, and share the intelligence experienced through our physical vessels. Via healingways such as energetic bodywork, sacred ritual dance, conscious bleeding, and others, we come to a space of deeper honor for our bodies. We fully inhabit them and use them to manifest the lives on Earth that we desire. We love our bodies, trust our bodies, and experience a profound realignment with nature and spirit. We claim space for our bodies. We feel the truth through our bodies. We respect the wisdom of our bodies.

In doing these things, we heal.

The Work

To heal ourselves and our people. To rise together, whole.

As we heal ourselves, our work naturally ripples outward. Those who are called will assist in a more active sense. Regardless of the breadth of our individual healing work, we all must accept responsibility for healing our culture. As we transmute the injuries, illnesses, and afflictions of our past into a radically well and empowered present and future, we liberate ourselves. Because a world where we are healthy, happy, and whole is inevitably a world where we are truly free.

Our wholeness is key to our rising.


A note on this space

There is no dogma here – no adherence to a particular faith, ideology, or predetermined set of rules. However, I am a Black DAEUS (Descendant of Africans Enslaved in the United States) woman, and as such I will write, teach, and express from that perspective. As the bodies of Black women in America have been historically and systemically dishonored and abused; as we have been oversexualized, masculinized, and desensitized; as our beauty has been shouted down and erased from popular culture even as our features, style and creativity have been egregiously appropriated; and as the battle for Black Lives has always begun at our breast, it is my hope that this space will draw many Black DEAUS women, women of the African diaspora, and other comrades of color.

May this be a safe space for us. May we heal, grow, and thrive together. True allies: you are rare, and welcome. To all others, please know that any attempt to deride, downplay, or otherwise disrespect the voices and experiences of my people – direct or subconscious – will be dealt with swiftly.

May we create an energy here that will help us move forward together in the spirit of Love and Truth, with the support of true community, and filled with the substance of knowledge of self.


Truly and Lovingly,

Carmen R. H. Chandler

Creator of The Body Temple